Android Apps For Free

Those new to smart phones with Google operating systems may be surprised to learn they can download many Android apps for free. The Android marketplace may be a welcome change for iPhone users making the switch, as they will find many similar apps free of charge, which can help keep cell phone bills lower. Keep reading to learn about some of the best Android apps for free use.

  1. Handcent SMS. If you like the look of the iPhone speech bubbles when you text message, Handcent SMS can bring you this and other customizable texting tools. This free Android app goes beyond the basic SMS utility.
  2. Toddler Lock. When you need an Android app for free that will keep your kid entertained without breaking the phone, consider Toddler Lock. This app locks all your other screens so only a single screen displays calming music in the background and allows your tot to bring about colorful shapes by simply touching the screen.
  3. Wifi Analyzer. The best Android app for free graphical representations of Wi-Fi SSIDs' signal strengths in your area, Wifi Analyzer let you see which Wi-Fi channel is the least crowded. This app is great for setting up your home and office network.
  4. Barcode Scanner. A free Android app that assists with your shopping endeavors, Barcode Scanner reads product barcodes and 2D QR codes. Look up an item you like, such as a book, to do some comparison-shopping by scanning the barcode. The QR scanner quickly allows you to scan a person’s contact information into your phone or access a webpage.
  5. Digital Recipe Sidekick. One of the best Android apps for free recipes, the Digital Recipe Sidekick app let you browse and save recipes to your phone or SD card from This app also allows you to edit recipes or add your own culinary creations.
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