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There are many Android tutorials for this popular Operating Software for Mobile phones. Android is a free software owned by Google Inc. Here are some Android Tutorials to get you started on making the best of your Android Phone.

  1. FM Radio.  Listening to music on your phone can get boring. This Android tutorial teaches you to turn your phone into a FM radio. First, plug in your headphones as they will also act as a antenna for the FM radio. Open the FM rRadio App on your Android phone and fine tune to the radio channel you want to listen to. Store as many stations as you wish.
  1. Skype. This Android tutorial will allow you to use Skype over 3G to chat with your friends. Enable side loading on your phone by going into your phone's Settings, then Application Settings. You then download Skype onto your phone via your phone's memory card. After that, you can use Skype over 3G like you do on your computer.
  1. Folders. With the infinite amount of home screens you may have, this Android tutorial teaches you to group all your icons (Apps) into relevant folders. Tap and hold any icon on your Android phone. Select “Folder” under the “Add to Home” menu and move the Apps around accordingly.  Now all you have to do is to name the folder. To do that, tap the folder to open it, then press and hold the title bar and type in the name you want for the folder.
  1. Webcam.  Here is an Android tutorial to turn your phone into a webcam. Download an App called IP Webcam.  Set up your username and password and select the port as 8080. Go to your network connected PC that you wish to use the camera with. Open an internet browser and type the IP Address and port number displayed in the App. You should then see what the phone sees on your computer.
  1. Remote For YouTube.  Sometimes, we just want to watch clips from YouTube lying down on the couch. This Android tutorial lets you use your phone as a remote. Download YouTube remote from the App store. Create a virtual connection between your phone and YouTube by signing into YouTube remote on your phone, and on your computer with the same account. You can then search and play YouTube videos on your phone and watch them played on your computer!
  1. Dropbox. This Android tutorial teaches you to access files to view, edit, and send with your Android phone. Download Dropbox on your computer and set it’s username and password. Place all your important files into the Dropbox folder.  Then link this folder to your phone by installing Dropbox onto your phone. You should be able to view and access those files from the Dropbox icon on your phone.
  1. Wireless Hotspot.  This Android tutorial teaches you to use your phone as a wi-fi hotspot.  Download “Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether” from the Android App store.  Set your SSID (this is the name of your WIFI network) and your password on the app.  Then search for the SSID on any other device to access the network.
  1. Audio File as a Notification Sound.  Most phones have a very limited choice of sounds for ringtones or sms.  This Android tutorial will allow you to use any audio file as a notification sound.  Download a program from the App store called “Ringdroid”. Open the application and use it to open and edit any audio file. You can now finally set your mother in laws ring tone to the theme song from “Jaws”.
  1. Widgets.  Your Android phone can be anything you want it to be. This Android tutorial teaches you to installing widgets to view everything at a glance. To create a widget, just tap and hold the Homescreen icon select “add to homescreen. Then select the widgets you want to see on your home screens.
  1. Text for Free. This Android tutorial lets you keep in touch with your friends by texting them for free. Download an install “Textplus” from the App store and text for free to your friends that also have the same App.
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