Anesthesia Side Effects

Going under doesn't only mean pain-free surgical procedures, it can also mean anesthesia side affects. Of course we appreciate the extra z's during surgery, but what are the risks? Apart from the most serious potential side effect of general anesthesia (not waking up at all, ever) there are common, less common and rare side effects  that should also be kept in mind. You should always seek medical attention (co-pay or not) when experiencing the rare side effects. Hold off on alcohol and painkillers while recovering, as they may increase the severity of some side effects. 

  1. Most everyone going under will experience a few of the common anesthesia side effects. According to Harvard Health Publications, anethesia often results in reduced cognitive function (the ability to think and reason clearly). Fortunately, in most patients, this complication is usually temporary. Per the Mayo Clinic, general Anesthesia may cause drowsiness, fatigue, lack of coordination and weakness for up to a few days after administration, so no heavy machinery or rock-climbing until you're back to 100%. Another common side effect of  general anesthesia is shivering or trembling.
  2. Fewer patients will experience the less common side effects associated with general anesthesia. But those unlucky few may experience vIsion problems such as blurred or double vision; dizziness, lightheadedness and feeling faint; headaches; mood swings or mental changes; nausea and vomiting in addition to nightmares and weird dreams.
  3. The unfortunate odd man out will experience rare side effects associated with general anesthesia (oh goody). These rare symptoms may include the following: intense abdominal stomach, back and/or  leg pain not resulting from a work out; black or bloody vomit (not related to whisky or a good bar fight); fever; severe headaches not-hangover induced; an increase or decrease in amount of urination; loss of appetitie; severe nausea; unusually pale skin; extreme tiredness or weakness; weakness of wrists and fingers; weight loss; yellow eyes or skin in no way related to a paint or curry accident. 
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