Angry Break Up Music Playlist

The best angry break up music playlist is a playlist that empowers you and motivates you in the face of what otherwise would be an earth-shattering destruction of your personal confidence. It is your personal way of regaining strength after your wife, girlfriend, lover or one-night-stand decided to rip your heart out of your chest and dance all over it in a most callous fashion.

  1. "I Hate Everything About You." "I Hate Everything About You" is the debut song of the alternative rock band Three Days Grace. Going back all the way to 2003, "I Hate Everything About You" is a song about abusive relationships and, more to the point, the feelings of resentment that stem from having someone break up with you. This song is perfect therapy if you have been dumped, which is why it is the best song for this angry break up music playlist. Just imagine yourself shaking your head and forming little "devil fingers" with your pointer finger and pinky as you rock your heartbreak away. 
  2. "Animal."  Pearl Jam's 1993 grunge song takes the second spot on this list of the best songs on an angry break up music playlist. If you listen to Eddie Vedder's lyrics, you can actually hear him singing that he would rather be in the company of an animal instead of a human being, based on the way that he's been treated by some people. If this does not typify the warrantable, angry feelings you have after a bad break up, then nothing will. Listen to this song with the stereo up on high and your head bopping and banging along to this grunge song's stormy and angry emotions.
  3. "Break Stuff." Limp Bizkit's song from their album called Significant Other is a great example of a song that belongs on anyone's angry break up music playlist. The reason is that this song is the perfect way to let off steam: It has a lot of swearing, a lot of violent imagery and suggestions, and a ferocious, bouncing melody that just ties together the angry themes so nicely. So if you have endured a bad break up, listen to "Break Stuff" to release the pressure.
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