Angular Cheilitis Treatment

If you have Angular Cheilitis, then you should know the types of Angular Cheilitis Treatments. The treatments can vary depending what type of Angular Cheilitis that you have, but they are both within reach for anyone with access to a doctor or just a few bucks for the easier treatment. Keep in mind that Angular Cheilitis is not a deadly disease by any means, but it is unsightly and should be healed if you have the means because it could start to cause some discomfort in the area of the mouth that it is present in.

What you will need:

  • Over the Counter Topical Antibiotic Cream
  • Doctor's Appointment
  • B12 shots
  1. The first treatment you should try for Angular Cheilitis is an topical antibiotic. Since most cases of Angular Cheilitis is caused by a bacterial infection from a fungus that is present in the infected area, a topical antibiotic used for a few days should clear up the infected area pretty quickly. If your Angular Cheilitis doesn’t clear up after using the topical antibiotic treatment, then you may have to move onto possibility two for Angular Cheilitis treatment. This treatment is over the counter
  2. The next chance to fix your Angular Cheilitis is to take B12 shots. One of causes of Angular Cheilitis is a lack of vitamin B12. This can be a sign of malnutrition because anyone who eats food on a normal will not have this problem. Keep in mind malnutrition is highly unlikely in a normal American unless they have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia. But there are odd cases where your body is processing B12 properly so you can still end up with Angular Cheilitis. In this case, you will have to make an appointment with your doctor to acquire some vitamin B12 shots and an official diagnosis of whether you have Angular Cheilitis or not.
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