Animal Crossing City Folk Cheats


Try out these "Animal Crossing City Folk" cheats when you absolutely must unlock everything in this rather large game. "Animal Crossing" is known for having a ridiculous amount of unlockable items, and "City Folk" for the Wii is no exception. Thankfully, most of the "Animal Crossing City Folk" cheats can be obtained easily by messing with your Wii's internal calendar in the system settings option.

  1. The Birthday Cake. The "Animal Crossing City Folk" birthday cake is a house decoration item that is clearly meant to make you want cake in real life. All you need to do is talk to your neighbors on your birthday, which you entered in game. You can easily trick the game into thinking its your birthday by changing the calendar date on the Wii itself.
  2. Mario Item Set. Being a Nintendo game, "Animal Crossing City Folk" is full of small cameos from other Nintendo franchises. The Mario items are house items that are modeled after classic Mario items, such as the 1-up mushroom, flag pole and green pipe. All of the Mario items can be obtained by popping balloons with the slingshot. Not all balloons will have an item, so keep shooting.
  3. The Jingle Furniture Set. The Jingle set is the Christmas themed item set. Obtainable only on December 24th at and past 8 p.m., the set is given to you by Jingle, who shows up in the town center. The set can almost completely makeover your house with a Christmas theme, which you may enjoy for the holidays.
  4. The Mush Set. The mush set is basically furniture with a mushroom theme, which is kind of gross. The mush set can be obtained one item at a time by looking under mushrooms, which frequently appear at 3 p.m. or after in November. These mushrooms usually appear in front of trees.
  5. The Pirate Set. This "Animal Crossing City Folk" cheat brings the much beloved pirate theme to your house. To get the pirate set, you need to give Pascal a scallop when he is in town. White scallops will not work for this. For each scallop you give him, he will give you a pirate themed item.



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