Animal Rights Facts

These animal rights facts will help you understand more about the issues concerning animal rights. Many interesting news and political events concerning animal rights may be affecting your everyday life. It is a good idea to have a well-rounded understanding about animal rights, which you can begin to obtain with these informative facts.  If you'd like a little more information, watching some top animal videos might help give you more context.

  1. Movement: This animal rights facts is about the movement, which started as far back as the late 18th century. The movement originated with the intention to eliminate animal cruelty in England and the United States of America. The animal rights movement continues strong today with many non-profit NGO's and individuals fighting to eliminate animal abuse in factory farms, the entertainment industry, and other arenas.
  2. Animal Testing: This animal rights fact concerns the serious issue of animal testing which is done for medical and commercial reasons. A large portion of activists are working to ban the Draize Eye Irritancy Test. This test is common practice to test cosmetics by largely testing cosmetics on rabbits.
  3. Factory Farming: Many animal activists are extremely concerned about this animal rights fact. Factory farming leads to the mass production of meat and/or animal byproducts. As a result, animals are frequently kept in cramped spaces, misfed, and mistreated by farmers.
  4. Environmental: This animal rights fact concerns the measures taken to protect animals in the environment. Many individuals mistreat the environment, resulting in trash animals can eat or suffocate from. In addition, oil spills can cause many animals to be severly harmed or killed. As a result, many activists are encouraging better protection of the environment.
  5. Fashion: This animal rights fact is about the effect of the fashion industry on animals. Due to trends to wear fur and leather, animals lives are killed to supply the necessary materials. As a result, many activists (including fashion designers) have taken an anti-fur stance to prevent these deaths.
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