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If you love Japanese culture, be sure to check out these anime blogs. The following are some of the best anime blogs on the Internet, providing people with unique updates on this massive entertainment phenomenon. These anime blogs offer something new with each post and make sure that you're always kept in the loop on developments within the world of anime.

  1. Haiku Anime Review. This makes the list for being purely original and kind of funny to boot. This anime blog reviews various manga series that are coming out, but prefers to do so in the form of haiku. Great for fans of the series, even better if you don't know what's going on. This is one of the best anime blogs that has its own unique voice.
  2. Meaty Anime Blog. If you're one of those people who eschews the popular series like "Naruto" for something lesser known gems like "So Ra No Wo To," then this is one of the best anime blogs for you! The author's sarcastic tone is harsh yet lovable, and we can't get enough of his use of language when talking about both games and anime.
  3. 2-D Teleidoscope. This is one of the smartest anime blogs out there, and easily one of the most joyous ones to read. Started by an American teaching English in Japan, this anime looks at the medium's influence and representation in popular Japanese culture, tending to take a more academic tone than anything else. If you want to think when reading an anime blog, try this one out.
  4. Ogiue Maniax. This is one of the best anime blogs for newcomers. It comes from an artist's perspective whose thoughtful reviews cater to the new and experienced manga reader alike. By breaking down the meaning and symbolism used in a lot of anime, this anime blog is great for people who don't know a lot about the medium but want to learn.
  5. Manga Xanadu. Rounding out our list of anime blogs comes one of the best new blogs on the Internet. This blog is great for parents who don't know about manga but have kids who want to read more. It even includes a list of "terms you should know," which should definitely make anime and manga more accessible.
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