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If you're a fan of Japanese animation, or Anime, then you've probably seen a few Anime music videos. They have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and high bandwidth speeds online have made it easier for Western fans to obtain episodes of their favorite shows that have yet to be released in the west. A good anime music video can be dark, sexy, funny, or moving, but the two characteristics they all share are good music over well-chosen anime clips. 

  1. "Odorikuruu" by Elissa, Song: "Mamboleo". This video, released in 2001, is pure fun, plain and simple. It features clips of over 35 different vintage anime classics, cut together to create their own unique anime stories. Despite being released years ago, it continues to be a fan favorite.
  2. "Prayer for Destruction" by NMHK, Song: "Apocalypse Please". This rocking video takes clips, mostly of huge moments of destruction, from Evangelion and Akira and mashes them together well enough to overcome the fact that it is yet another pairing between the two series.  The editing of the clips pulses with the drum beat, and the action swells with the music. The clips, paired with the music, make you with it was really a trailer for a crossover movie – which it plainly looks like.
  3. "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" by Heartsdales feat. SOUL'D Out, Song: "Candy Pop". This video was the one standout entry among a disappointing field of Anime Music Videos at the 2007 Anime Expo. It uses Haruhi Suzumiya anime clips, set against a techno-pop soundtrack. Its an excellent example of lip-syncing editing and the use of video and transitional effects in post. The addictive JPop song doesn't hurt, either. 
  4. "The Stage" by Crossfade, Song: "Two Steps From Hell". Proof that not every Anime music video has to be accompanied by techno pop or emo rock, this video uses an epic operatic score in an impressively convoluted premise. Using clips from TV episodes of "No Cantabile" and "Aoi Bungaku", this it set during a live performance of Osamu Dazai's "Run, Melos!", which in and of itself is a re-imagining of Friedrich Schiller's "Die Bürgschaft". It does a brilliant job of melding two sets of clips to give the impression of watching a conductor, and the opera on stage, being performed in the same place. 
  5. "Ian Fleming's Property of a Lady" by Qwqa, Song "Feelin' Good". This is a perfect example of what a high concept Anime music video can be. The James Bond opening credits motif is entirely original to the video, taking characters from "Ah! My Goddess!", "Akira", "Evangelion","Cowboy Bebop", "Noir", and "Canaan", into that universe through silhouettes and short actions clips, like you see in all Bond opening credit sequences. It isn't necessarily a tribute to any particular anime, but rather re-imagines anime in the sultry world of Ian Fleming's Bond series. It makes you wish this were really the opening credits of some as-yet-unreleased new project instead of the brain child of a fan. 
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