Ankle Strengthening Exercises

Use these ankle strengthening exercises to improve your body. They will strengthen your ankle to give you more support. When you're participating in physical activities, your ankle and surrounding muscles undergo a lot of stress. You may experience weakness, swelling or a decreased range of motion. It's important to make your ankles stronger so you can prevent these kinds of problems. Not only that, it's also one of the best ways to protect yourself against ankle sprains or fractures.

  1. Ankle Circles – This ankle strengthening exercise is good to do when you’re sitting down. You can even do them from your bed or couch. Start by having your foot and ankle hanging off the edge of your seat. Draw clockwise circles by using your big toe. You will feel your ankle stretching as you do this. After a while, switch directions and have your big toe draw counterclockwise circles. Then, exchange legs and do it with your other foot.
  2. Ankle Inversion – In order to do this ankle strengthening exercise, you will need to have part of a wall to sit against. Use the wall to sit with your back straight and legs out in front of you. Turn your right foot inwards, but make sure to do it slowly. Hold the position for ten to fifteen seconds before slowly turning it outwards. Then, repeat the process using your left foot.
  3. Ankle Dorsiflexion – This ankle strengthening exercise requires balance, but you can use a table for support if you need something to hold on to. Start by rocking back on the heels of your feet. Your toes should be lifted off the floor. Hold the position for ten seconds before returning your toes to the floor. Repeat the process ten times to get a good ankle workout.
  4. Ankle Resistance – You must have a Thera-band if you want to try this exercise. If you don’t have one, you can purchase if from a medical supply store. Start by placing the Thera-band around the top of your foot. Then, Stretch and flex your foot with the Thera-band on it. As you’re doing it, you should feel a bit of resistance. Curl your toes to work your foot and ankle. When you’re done, repeat it using your other foot.
  5. Ankle Plantarflexion – This is commonly referred to as toe raises. In order to do this ankle strengthening exercise, you will need to be near a table or chair. You will use the table or chair for balance. Hold on to your support system and rise onto your tip toes. Remain on your toes for ten seconds before returning to a standing position. Repeat the process at least ten times.
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