Anne Curtis Scandal

The Anne Curtis Scandal was a wardrobe malfunction scandal that occurred for 26 year old Filipino-Australian actress Anne Curtis during the taping of a show called "ASAP XV in Boracay" on Sunday, March 30, 2010. Anne Curtis was performing a dance number with former boyfriend and co-star Sam Milby and was trying to give her best. The unfortunate malfunction happened during a tumble move where she landed on Milby’s shoulder and her right breast became exposed when her bikini top folded down.

Sam Milby assisted a tearful Anne away from crowds after she realized the malfunction and immediately corrected it upon landing from the tumble move. By then, however, the damage had already been done and people began posting their cell phone photos of the malfunction across the internet, further humiliating the sweet star of the movie “Babe, I Love You.”

An uncensored photo of Anne Curtis’ exposed right breast was published in the local tabloid Pinoy paparazzi that further damaged the star’s reputation, but Anne has decided based on the advice of her management and lawyer father that it would be below her dignity to pursue legal action against the tabloids. She was very upset about the fact that the photos were not even blurred out or censored prior to publication and considers the tabloid to be “gutter” press that has standards that are beneath regular press.

One of the most emphatic points Anne Curtis made regarding the Anne Curtis scandal was that the people who take advantage of other people's misfortunes and post explicit material of females in vulnerable situations are not taking into mind their own mothers, sisters, and daughters when they are exploiting innocent people.

Anne Curtis was saddened by the blatant disrespect the posting and spreading of the accident give to her and to women in general. This form of exploitation is humiliating and unnecessary and people should think about and imagine their own female family members in the same situation Anne Curtis was put in.

This appeal to the people who had taken advantage of the Anne Curtis scandal had limited success as uncensored photos are still available online at certain sites. Other sites supporting Anne do not post the photo and explain how the incident was an accident.

How would they feel if they were in Anne Curtis’ place? Everyone has vulnerable moments and exploiting the embarrassment of others, especially in situations where exposure occurs, is not something that you would want spread all over the internet if it were you body at scrutiny.

While Anne does feel contempt for those who took advantage of that unfortunate accident , there is a silver lining to the story. Anne’s fans have shown an overwhelming amount of support regarding the Anne Curtis scandal by voluntarily deleting photos of the malfunction and messaging their support on social media networking sites such as Twitter. Anne Curtis has decided to simply accept the incident and move on with dignity. 

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