Anthony Morrison Scam

If you type "Anthony Morrison" into a search engine, you will find the phrase "Anthony Morrison scam" repeated quite often in the results. Anthony Morrison is best known for his infomercials which advertise the "Advertising Profits from Home" program. The program consists of a book and affiliate programs as well as how-to information about online affiliate marketing. You also receive hosting services for your own website. 

Anthony Morrison claims that, with his guidance, you can create a profitable online business with no investment other than a purchase of his program. Many people claim that some of the information in his program is sound. However, many also say that Anthony understates the amount of money, effort and trial and error that it takes to grow a successful online marketing business.

The numerous scam complaints on the internet only partially focus on Anthony Morrison's exaggerations about the program. Most of the complaints revolve around unscrupulous business practices that Anthony Morrison's company allegedly engages in. This includes a shady ordering process in which you must give your credit card number to an automated phone recording to order his course and then say yes or no to a string of plus sell offers. Many unsatisfactory customers also cry "scam" when they find recurring monthly bills of $30 or more on their bank statements. Anthony claims that this previously unmentioned fee covers the website hosting. 

Most smart internet marketing gurus also offer coaching programs as a plus sell. Coaching programs generally take you by the hand so that you avoid a lot of trial and error. After you order "Advertising Profits from Home," you can expect to get some sales calls asking you to join Anthony's coaching program. Some customers complain that these calls are relentless in frequency and aggressive in nature. 

The best thing to do to learn about whether Anthony Morrison's program is a scam is to read specific customer complaints and look for recurring patterns in these scam complaints. Some highly respected websites include Rip Off and Complaints This article can only offer general information based on specific complaints about the Anthony Morrison scam. 

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