Antisocial Personality Disorder Symptoms

Antisocial personality disorder symptoms appear clear for those victimized by the perpetrator suffering with the mental illness. Antisocial personally disorder is characterized as a psychiatric condition that causes a perpetual cycle of manipulation and harm to innocent people, animals and property. People under the affliction of this mental disorder have no regard for social norms, including the law. The afflicted person often feels careless about other people's thoughts and feelings while showing no remorse for irresponsible decisions and actions. People who display antisocial personality disorder symptoms should seek out medical attention, especially if recurrent misconduct can be traced in the family lineage. Diagnosis often includes a person eighteen years or older that has an extensive history since early childhood that indicates destructive conduct. Immediate treatment should be sought to not only help the afflicted party, but also for the safety of those involved in the person's life.

  1. Break the law repeatedly. The afflicted party may find themselves in trouble with the law on multiple occasions with no remorse for their poor decisions and actions. People who have no regard for the law also have no regard for the people, animals and personal property they come into contact with on an everyday basis.
  2. Pathological lying. If the person shows signs of a pathological liar, then the he or she may been caught in a web of deceit and therefore no longer acknowledge reality for what it truly is.
  3. Irritability and aggressiveness. People with antisocial personality disorder may display irritable and aggressive emotions toward people unprovoked. This level of emotional upheaval could lead to random acts of violence.
  4. No remorse over hurting others. Lack of guilt after causing harm to others may indicate a seared conscience. No remorse hints towards repeated offenses and should be addressed promptly.
  5. Inability to feel sympathy or empathy for others. Zero display of sympathy and empathy for others that are struggling or hurting may indicate that the person only cares about their own selfish desires. If you couple the above antisocial personality disorder symptoms with a lack of sympathy or empathy for others, then it could lead to random acts of violence on those undeserving of harm.
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