Anything But Clothes Party Ideas

These anything but clothes party ideas can help make you the hit of the night. If you want to really stand out and show your creative side, a little imagination and style will never hurt. Each of these ideas are a unique twist on the anything but clothes party concept.

  1. Plants Outfit: In season 2 of "Project Runway," the designers had  to create a garment using only plants and flowers. With only $100, the amazing designers each showed that a little money can go a long way to make sophisticated dresses and styles. Well, even if you're not a professional fashion designer and can't sew, this is great inspiration to use as a anything but clothes party idea. You can create a base of old clothes you no longer want and use hot glue to attach plants, flowers, vines, etc. If you do sew, you can sew the pieces on to secure them down. When you're done you should have an interesting set of plant shirt and pants.
  2. Recycle God: If you want to show your earth-friendly side, an outfit made of recycled clothing is a great way to create a unique garment. Experimenting with an array of objects can lead to a dramatic costume. For instance, finely wrinkled used paper can turn into a soft base to use as fabric. Similarly, garbag bags, shopping bags, and strips of construction paper can make the base of your outfit. Packaging tape or stitching can keep this garment together so you can use this anything but clothes party idea to stand out. You can even paint the entire garment to add unique details. A good way to inspire this is by looking at a style you like and try replicating it with recycled materials.
  3. Canvas Painting: Canvas may not be a popular or comfortable fabric, but its an easy material to turn a painting into a unique outfit. Using canvas fabric, paint a unique art piece until you have enough material to create shirt and pants. Then all you have to do is hand stitch or sew your material together so you stand out – or even safety pin/staple it together. You can even save time and energy by using old paintings you don't want anymore; just remove the staples from the wooden base and use the painted canvas to create a design. This process can be simplified by using a purchased shirt and pant pattern to guide your design. When you are done, it may be smart to line your outfit with soft cotton to make sure you stay comfortable all night. With a little patience, this anything but clothes party idea will make you the talk of the party – ladies definitely won't be able to stay away if you do this right.
  4. Stuffed Animal Clothing: If you've been keeping your old stuffed animals trapped in the depths of your closet, then this might be the quick and easy anything but clothes party idea for you. You'll also be able to rid yourself of some old embarrassing toys at the same time. Start by washing or lightly vacuuming your stuffed animals to ensure all dust is removed, thus avoiding potentional allergy issues to you or others. Afterways you can either use a seam ripper to carefully remove each stitch or you can simply cut up your toys to get your stuffed animal fabric. If you have enough stuffed animals, you can sew the material together to make the necessary costume. You can "fake" the look by attaching the fabric to old clothes of the same color.
  5. Bedsheets and Curtain Chic: This is truly the easy way out if you have bedroom/bath curtains or bedspreads you no longer want. Using a clothing pattern, you can simply follow the directions and use your old sheets as fabric for the party. . With the time you save using this fast solution, you can add extra details, work on the fit, and take the style to a new level. You can even paint on a logo of you favority brand (i.e. Abercrombie and Fitch) just to make it even more stylish. You won't regret using this idea to stand out amonst the crowd.
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