Appendectomy Recovery Time

If you recently had your appendix removed, you should learn about appendectomy recovery time. An appendectomy is performed if the appendix (a small organ near the large intestine) becomes inflamed,  infected, and/or if it ruptures. The goal in performing an appendectomy is to remove the appendix before it ruptures, but this is not always possible. A ruptured appendix can leak into your abdomen and cause serious, life-threatening health problems. Recovery time for an appendectomy depends on if the appendix ruptured or formed an abscess. Recovery time also depends on the type of surgery performed.

If you are having simple appendectomy, where the appendix does not rupture, you can expect your recovery to be relatively quick. This is especially true if you had a procedure, called a laparoscopic appendectomy, which is not as invasive as a regular appendectomy. A laparoscopic appendectomy uses a very small incision and cameras to remove the appendix. A simple appendectomy requires you to stay in the hospital for approximately 24 to 78 hours after the appendectomy. After you go home, the rest of your recovery can take anywhere from two to four weeks, before you can begin your normal activities. The recovery time varies depending on how well you follow your doctor's instructions, your age, and how healthy you are.

If you had a complicated appendectomy (if the appendix ruptured or formed an abscess) your recovery time will be slower than if you had a simple appendectomy. If your appendix ruptured, the surgery will have to be more invasive, and your abdomen will have to be washed out in order to prevent complications and infections of the abdomen. In some cases, a tube will be inserted into the abdomen in order to allow the fluid to drain. This procedure will also increase recovery time for an appendectomy.

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