Apply For A Job At Walmart

Walmart is a corporation that employs thousands each year, but you may be wondering exacly how to apply for a job at Walmart. Years ago, most people went to a business and simply filled out a paper application, but times have changed. Now if you want to apply for a job at Walmart you'll need to know exactly what to do and it's not as simple as stopping by the store and asking for an application. Here is what you can do to apply for a job at Walmart.

What you need:

  • Internet connection
  • Work history and relevant information
  1. Navigate to Walmart's hiring center. You can check the website below for the link. In order to apply for a job at Walmart you must fill out their online application. You will first read through the information and agree to the drug-free statement.
  2. Register. You will then be taken to a registration screen where you will need to register as a first time user to the site. This will require a user name and password and then you will answer some security questions. Once done, you will be taken back to the log-in screen in order to apply for a job at Walmart and you will then enter your gender, social security number and agree that you can prove you are eligible to work.
  3. Choose your interests. This is where you will choose which store you'd like to work with. The examples are: Walmart, Sam's Club and Walmart Logistics. Which one you choose depends on your own personal interest.
  4. Choose a store and profession. You will be allowed to choose a store location near you and a profession such as professional, hourly, management and more. Then you will choose a group among that field such as security in the loss-prevention area.
  5. Fill out personal information. This is where you need to enter your address, name and add a phone number or email address if you want. Next is the hours you are available that you will enter into the system in order to apply for a job at Walmart.
  6. Add references. You will now need to add two references. You only need a name and phone number for this area of the application process.
  7. Add employment history and qualifications. This is where you will need to add your employment history and qualifications such as education or experience. The system walks you through each area so it's easy to catch any mistakes.
  8. Fill out the questionnaire. This is an area that asks a series of questions in order to apply at Walmart. These are typical questions such as asking if you can work evenings.
  9. Take the assessment test. You will now need to take the assessment test, which is a series of questions determining your eligibility. You must pass this test in order to apply for a job at Walmart. Once you are done the system will inform you of the status of your assessment and if you have passed or failed.
  10. Proceed if the test is passed. Once you get your determination you can wait to hear from Walmart about a job since they now have your information handy. If you have failed the test it is on file for 60 days before you can retake it.

These steps to apply for a job at Walmart may sound extensive, but they are no more than you would typically fill out on a paper application. And, it's much easier to do on a computer.

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