April Fools Pranks For School

The April Fools pranks for school listed here will make April Fools Day one of the best holidays of the year. Try the tried and tested classroom pranks below. All of these pranks are easy or moderately easy to pull off. 

  1. Computer Lab Prank. Unplug the mouse and keyboard of two consecutive computers. Switch them so that the mouse and keyboard of one computer controls the other computer. 
  2. Sticky Money Prank. Glue a quarter to the hallway floor and have a strip of Velcro ready. When someone tries to pick up the quarter, pull the Velcro apart. The unsuspecting victim will think he tore his pants in front of everyone. 
  3. Cell Phone Prank. Steal someone's cell phone. Make sure that the ringer's on. Tape it underneath the victim's chair. Call your victim. This prank only works when you know your victim's phone number. It may be hard to do this when the teacher's around, but it could make a great cafeteria prank. 
  4. Classic Whoopie Cushion Prank. You can find these things at any prank store, toy store, department store or dollar store. This is a prank for school that never gets old. 
  5. Job Vacancy Prank. Choose a school administrator as your victim. This can be the principle, guidance counselor or nurse. Run an ad in the newspaper announcing a job vacancy for your victim's position. It may be best to run it on March 31st so that he hears about it on April Fools Day. This prank is only moderately easy to pull off. However, if it works, it's definitely a funny April Fools prank for school. To try a harder version of this prank, you can fax a press release about the vacancy to the newspaper on imitation official school letterhead with the words "for release March 31st". Place the victim's phone number at the top of the release as a contact number in case the journalist calls. 
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