Arcade Shooting Games

Arcade shooting games separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls. People who are good at arcade shooting games have good eyesight, steady hands and the power to pay attention, despite any distractions. Arcade shooting games also have a huge fan following. So many, in fact, that vintage games end up in people's basements or game rooms. Some arcade shooting games end up in living rooms and are featured in fanatics bedrooms. Some top classic games are hard to find and expensive to buy when you do locate a working game. Keep your eye out for these all-time classics.

  1. "Galaga" by Namco – This 1981 arcade shooting game involves alien spaceships that start in formation at the top of the screen and move down in a group to the bottom, that is if you're unsuccessful in your job of shooting the ships out of the sky using your own stationary ship located at the bottom of the screen. The alien ships have an advantage because the game allows the winged ships to break formation on their way down and zip around the screen. The operator is the proverbial sitting duck. Your ship sits at the bottom and moves left and right to shoot down the intruders. The good guys get several replacement ships when they prove less proficient than the intruders. Knock out one screen of aliens and you rack up points. The next screen moves fast and introduces more alien ships. 
  2. "Defender" – This is the real deal—the original shooting arcade game. Williams Electronics introduced this game in 1980 and gamers went mad for the two-dimensional graphics. It's hard to believe in the age of modern shooting games that anyone could find 2-D entertaining, but think about the old school options in Single-D. The story's the same here—space invaders and the operator charged with saving the planets by destroying the invading ships. Sounds like an easy duty, and it is; at least in the first few stages. After that, the game is downright difficult to master. Ships come fast and furious! 
  3. "Missile Strike" The object of this arcade shooting game is to protect your base from asteroids. You have missiles to counter the incoming, but you also have some super weapons, including a monster nuke to take out a missile cluster attack. Like all the games, the better you get, you move onto more screens with more missiles. These come in faster than the last screen. 
  4. "Duck Hunt" – This game was introduced by Nintendo NES in the mid-1980s to give a simulated experience of shooting ducks. When you get a direct hit on a feathered friend, a hunting dog mysteriously materializes on the screen to help you bring in your kill. Nintendo NES incorporated this game into a home version so you could take in the hunt from your own couch. 
  5. "Monster Gun" – This old-school shooting game introduced in 1967 by Midway allows you to take shots at your favorite monsters. The Wolfman is featured on this arcade shooting game that integrates shooting games with the main characters of old horror films and fictional books. The game integrates black light and speed control targets to add distractions for the shooter posed with a rifle-type gun on the other side of the glass. 
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