Are There Natural Cures For Herpes?

Are there natural cures for herpes? If you are looking for a natural cure for herpes, then you need to alter your thinking. There is no way to cure the virus that causes herpes outbreaks. However, there are effective ways to prevent outbreaks and cure sores and blisters once they appear. You don’t need prescribed medication to prevent and cure herpes outbreaks. There are plenty of natural remedies that can be just as effective.

Corn starch or baking soda. For a cheap, convenient natural cure for a herpes outbreak, simple dampen a cotton ball and roll it in either baking soda or corn starch. This will help dry out the sore and relieve any accompanying itching and skin irritation as a bonus.

Tea leaves. Seep a black tea bag in hot water for several minutes and then place it directly onto your herpes sore. This is a very effective natural cure for outbreaks because black tea has both antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects.

Domeboro powder. This natural cure works on several levels. It speeds up your skin’s natural healing process, dries out the existing sores and relieves itching so your skin can heal. All you have to do is mix a package of Domeboro powder with 16 ounces of water, mix well and apply directly to your herpes outbreak.

Aloe Vera. A real Aloe Vera plant works best, but you can also use Aloe Vera cream. Make sure the cream you choose has over 99% pure Aloe Vera. When using a real plant, simply break open a stem to extract the gel inside and put it directly on your sore for a natural cure that will protect and sooth.

Vitamin E. Applying vitamin E directly to your herpes sore is an effective natural cure for outbreaks. Vitamin E is an essential oil and can help heal and restore your skin. Other essential oils that can help cure a herpes outbreak include rose hip, olive leak, jojoba and golden camellia.

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