Are Virgos The Best Musicians?

Many astrology fanatics often ask if Virgos are the best musicians.  While there is certainly much debate, taking a look at the crooners and rockers who have been born under the sign of virgin is pretty convincing.  Here is a list of ten of the best Virgo musicians:

  1. Shania Twain – This country starlet was born August 28 and is a great way to start making a case that Virgos are the best musicians.  She has sold millions of albums, gone on world tours, and changed the face of country music forever.
  2. Faith Hill – Keeping with the country theme, Tim McGraw’s gorgeous wife also makes it on the list of chart-topping Virgos.
  3. Gene Simmons – This long-tongued bass player and front man of KISS may be the strangest member on the list of the best Virgo musicians.
  4. Pink – This rebellious diva proved that a girl with an attitude can make it in the music business.  Does this same something about Virgos and strange hair colors?
  5. Foxy Brown – Here’s another hip-hop diva try to answer that question of whether or not Virgos are the best musicians.  Born on September 6, she’s giving a solid “yes.”
  6. Ludacris – Speaking of Foxy Brown, her good friend Luda is also a Virgo.  He was on September 11 in Illinois before making to move down to Hotlanta.
  7. Nick Jonas – Nick might be the youngest performer to have a say if Virgos are the best musicians.  Don’t tell his brothers…he is the only Virgo in the family.
  8. B.B. King – Going from the youngest to the oldest, this Virgo blues legend is still kicking out the jams on his signature guitar Lucille. 
  9. Beyonce – In the music world, it doesn’t get much bigger than Beyonce.  It’s hard to turn on “Single Ladies” and not know for sure that Virgos are the best musicians around.
  10. Michael Jackson – If you really want to know if Virgos are the best musicians, just turn to the King of Pop.  Although he’s no longer with us, Michael left a musical legacy that will last forever.

Taking a look at this list, it’s not hard to argue that Virgos are the best musicians.  With its country, rock, rap, or pop, this sign has produced some of the most legendary performers of our time.

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