Armitron Watch Instructions

Armitron watch instructions are essential in using the timepiece to its full potential. The instructions will tell the wearer how to set the watch time as well as the date. Armitron has many styles of watches, so it is important to note that this set of instructions is for a men's watch with a date function. It may also apply to the Armitron women's counterpart.

In order to set the watch, you will need:

  • Armitron watch
  1. To set the date, pull the crown to the first position. The crown is the dial that is turned in order to set the date and time. You can tell if the cogs are set to change the date if the second hand on your Armitron watch has stopped moving.
  2. Turn the dial counterclockwise in order to change the day to the desired day. This is the fastest way to set the date. If this is not working, you can set the crown to the second position, and change the day by moving the time forward by 24 hour increments. It is important to note that the day dial on the Armitron watch changes from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am, so keep this in mind while changing the date.
  3. To set the day, pull the crown all the way out until it stops. When changing the date, the second hand will stop when it is in a mode to be set. Not all Armitron watches will have a second hand.
  4. Turn the dial until you reach the correct time. It is important to note that if you are on the pm side of the watch dial, the date will begin changing. Make sure that you are setting the hour on the correct side of noon, or you will have a mismatched date.
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