Army Height And Weight Standards

Did you know the military has Army height and weight standards? Some people believe that the bigger and beefier you are, the better you are for the military. Not so. According to Army height and weight standards, ome military guys have resorted to extreme diets, laxatives and even lipo to meet fitness test standards, but the Army recommends a consistent training program and proper diet to meet and maintain your weight in a healthy way. 

The US Army has clear reasons for maintaining their height and weight standards. They want personnel to be capable of performing their duties under combat conditions, and to "present a trim military appearance at all times." The Army points out that added body fat represents a lack of discipline to many observers and may result in lack of performance, such as reduced stamina and poor health. The standards may help to maintain the stature of the US military as well as its operational effectiveness.

If you are in the Army and become out of shape or increase your weight above the body weight standards, the military has a program to help you get back in shape. You may be assigned to a doctor to screen and treat you for medical conditions that have led to overweight. Barring medical conditions, you will receive nutritional counseling and will be able to work with a trainer to develop a program that will lead to meeting expectations. 

Each height and sex has its own weight categories. Male soldiers below five feet must meet a minimum weight of 91 to 94 pounds, for example. A five foot male soldier must fall between 97 and 132 if they are 17-20 years, up to 136 if 21-27 and up to 139 if 28-39. Above age 40, soldiers at five feet must be under 141 pounds. A soldier at six feet must be a minimum of 140 pounds and may go up to 190, 195, 200 or 203 depending upon age. Charts are readily available for your height, so if you are considering joining the Army checking the charts for your height and age is a good idea, because you want to be Army strong, but you also need to be Army lean.



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