Arnold Schwarzenegger Workout

If you are after the hunk look, go for an Arnold Schwarzenegger workout. This routine combines light and heavy workouts. The whole workout is also complemented by proper diet for bodybuilders and a lot of sweat, after all, Mr. Schwarzenegger did not achieve such a body from simply sitting.

You will need:

  • Barbell
  • Dumbbells
  • Exercise mat
  • Bench
  1. Do the dumbbell pullovers for your chest. This Arnold Schwarzenegger workout strengthens the arms. While the back is lying across a bench, the rest of the body is supported by the legs firmly placed parallel to the legs of the bench. Lift dumbbell from your side. Extend the hand up by the head and pull it up, arms still extended, until it reaches the chest area.
  2. Straight leg dead lifts. This means standing with feet apart almost at shoulder length apart. Lift the barbell up by bending forward reaching to mid knees. As you lift the barbell, make sure that you keep a straight back with the head held up and the chest out.
  3. Leg extensions. This Arnold Schwarzenegger workout requires doing six sets of twelve repetitions. Sit either on a balance ball or a bench, extend your legs in front. It is best to keep a straight back posture. In a ball, choose to have your one leg flat on the floor while the other extends. Adding ankle weights is optional.
  4. Crunches and some leg lift up workouts for the abs area. The abdominal area requires you to do classic crunches and leg lifts while lying on a mat. This would require that the crunches reach the oblique muscles and the abs.
  5. Shoulder exercise through seated barbell presses. While seated on a bench, lift the barbell up while pressing it against the chest area. Do this for six repetitions initially then gradually moving on up to twelve reps as you continue with this Arnold Schwarzenegger workoutroutine.
  6. Barbell French presses. This is another exercise for the shoulders. Keep the body in the same position as the seated barbell press. Lift the barbell upward extending over the head and then slowly lower it down to the back instead of the chest area. Do this six times for ten repetitions.


  • Although the workout involves varieties of exercises, it is emphasized that exercise should be done together with a good nutritional intake and proper mental approach. Arnold Schwarzenegger workout is not an easy exercise routine. If you are not well oriented with the exercises involved, it is best to perform the exercise at lower repetitions with the assistance of a professional.
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