The Art Of Making Love

The art of making love means different things for men and women. For men it is often a woman, a bed, maybe a little feeling of being loved, and a good sexual performance that brings the woman to orgasm. For the woman it is the whole atmosphere of the location, the emotions involved like intimacy, feelings of love, and tenderness, the sensations of the body when being touched, and lastly the actual sexual performance leading to orgasm. If a man can understand that, he can be successful in the art of making love and will be rewarded by his partner for his efforts over and over again.

  1. Go through your personal hygiene routine. Make sure you take a shower and put on some good smelling cologne, but don’t drown yourself in it. Trim your nails and put lotion on so you don’t scratch your partner’s delicate skin. Make sure you shave (unless you have a beard) so you don’t give your partner razor burns when you are making love. Wear some sexy underwear that will entice her to want to see more of you.
  2. Before you begin the evening, set the atmosphere. Make sure the bedroom is neat and orderly. Put fresh sheets on the bed, turn the lights low or put a soft colored bulb in the lamp, have some romantic music ready to play, and make sure the room smells good, but don’t make the scent too heavy (scented candles or incense will work for this). Be sure you have your condoms easily available so you don’t have to interrupt your love making and destroy the mood of the evening.
  3. Make the evening a very intimate, private event. Take her out for a light dinner (or fix it at home) so no one has eaten too much and feels uncomfortable with love making. Eliminate onions and garlic from the meal. Avoid friends and turn off the cell phone for the evening. Make her feel like she is the only person in your world.
  4. Relax with a glass of wine or beverage of your choice. Share some intimate conversation while your food is digesting. Slowly begin your seduction with some kissing and light petting, but save the heavy love making for the bedroom.
  5. Lead her to the love den you have already prepared before the evening started. Hit the soft lights, start the music, light the candle or incense, and begin your seduction. Take your time and don’t rush your love making. Slowly remove her clothes and yours. Be sure to touch her tenderly and lovingly, and don’t forget any of her sensitive spots like her neck, nipples, belly button, and, of course, her love button. If you pay attention to her responses, you will be able to anticipate what she wants and give it to her at just the right time. Don’t try to be superman and wear out your welcome. When you feel she is ready, don’t hold back, give her the pleasure of releasing your passion at the same time she is releasing hers. Be assured she will come back time and time again to share another love making evening like this one.
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