The Art Of Making Money

The art of making money isn't so much an art as it is a strategy. When it comes down to anything in the money making business (which is just about any business), you need the proper strategy. Making money (more than often) requires patience, determination, and the right opportunities. Money, contrary to what many may think, is a very finite resource; there is only so much in the economy, and one's personal decisions affects others greatly.

  1. Think about supply and demand for a moment. Making money requires forethought, which itself is a form of thinking about the future. The money making market is affected entirely by the laws of supply and demand. People want computers, therefore manufacturers make computers. If you are investing your time in an industry that has low demand, unfortunately this might not lead to the best money filled opportunities out there for you.
  2. Make a career decision based upon your conclusions. For example, do you see the Internet Service Providing market as booming? Find an area you believe offers room for substantial economic growth and choose a career path in that field!
  3. Get prepped to climb the ranks with breakneck speeds! That's right. Whether it's a college degree, technical school degree, or an impressive portfolio, employers are searching for the most qualified candidates. Those who have the most impressive resumes are those who make the most money, get the best jobs, and move faster up the company's ranks.
  4. Time is money, so get moving! Kind of self explanatory, but some people forget: the early bird really does get the worm. Ever have those friends who say they are going to do something, but procrastinate and never accomplish their goals? Don't be like that.

So, we can conclude that making money isn't really an easy thing to do, but assuredly can be done if one is motivated and devotes enough time to their craft. Also, don't forget to use that brain of yours in the process!

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