The Art Of Oral Sex

The art of oral sex requires attention to detail, patience, and unselfishness. When done properly, oral love can be a mind-blowing experience and a great way to satisfy your partner. Performing oral sex well takes focus and dedication, and will be rewarding to both of you.

  1. Do it early and often. The art of oral sex should be practiced often and a trip down south on your gal should be part of any foreplay. You may not have a big penis or be very attractive, but if you can please your woman with your mouth, you are almost guaranteed to keep her around for a long time and have her willing to please you equally in the bedroom. Don’t be shy about using your skills.
  2. Pace yourself. You want your partner to enjoy your practice of the art of oral sex for a long time, for it to last and be very pleasurable. Therefore, don’t dive right in too aggressively with the goal of getting her off as soon as possible. You want to warm her up slowly, building her anticipation and getting her hot and wet. After she’s ready to go, start in with a steady pace, building your speed and pressure, bringing her closer and closer.
  3. Focus on her wants. Your partner will physically respond to you as you go down on her. One of the keys to practicing the art of oral sex is to recognize her movements and moans and respond accordingly, knowing when to slow down, ease up, speed up, or keep doing what you’re doing. Listen to her breathing and watch her movements, as her body will give you all the direction you need to satisfy her properly.
  4. Utilize your hands. While your tongue does the work, don’t let your hands be idle. Part of the art of oral sex is stimulating her multiple ways, and you should use your fingers to gently probe her labia and penetrate her lightly. Though most women climax from stimulation to the clitoris, your partner will appreciate the attention paid to her vagina and the increased sensation of being penetrated while you lick her.
  5. Make the finish perfect. As your partner nears climax, you have your most important role. The art of oral sex requires to get your partner off perfectly, so make sure you are very mindful of her body’s responses. If she has one big climax and is done, bring her along slowly and steadily, and as she reaches the top, gradually coax her orgasm out of her with slow flicks of the tongue. If she has multiple orgasms, wait until this one subsides and then start back in again for the next.
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