Ashley Madison Scam

You may find this article useful in weighing the truth about Ashley Madison scam. Ashley Madison is an online dating service which claims you can find casual or serious relationships online. However, some people claim that the Ashley Madison site is a scam. Because of this, you may want to consider these facts before you sign up for the Ashley Madison dating service.

Some people have reason to believe there are no real girls on their website. The website does not provide real profiles of the people using their dating service, which is the reason why people believe the Ashley Madison website is scam. The service you get in return from the price you pay is also quite questionable. From its basic plan of $49, you only get to email twenty women. As you get more credit, you get the base rate of $79 and all you get in return is playing the number game of emailing more women but not being able to get to date one of them. The highest plan rate of $249 guarantees a love affair.

There's also the Ashley Madison in Mobile scam. This is service offered to people who want to have a discreet relationship. If you are single, you would not really need this service. You do not have to be discrete to have a relationship unless you are married. Only married men and women desperately need discretion and they are the common patrons for this service. However, you can never be certain whether you are keeping in touch with a real person, so be extra careful.

Ashley Madison offers a guarantee to give your money back after you find yourself unsatisfied with their service. Where would you find a dating website that offers a money back guarantee? This may seem look genuine, but think again. You will have to use their highest package of $249 before you fully enjoy this guarantee. However, you may have already paid the basic plan of $49 and must have upgraded to the base rate of $79 after being unsatisfied with what you get from the basic plan. The messages from the girls are all the same, another reason to suspect the site uses bogus profiles. If the messages are not computer generated, there is probably only one girl or person working and fooling all the guys with just one message.

Perhaps Ashley Madison is not a scam. Ashley Madison is admittedly a legitimate online business. But be careful. You are not getting what you paid for if you are expecting to be laid outright. It is upon the discretion of its patrons to believe whether the website is a scam or not ,depending on what they expect from every credit they purchase and whether they get in return.

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