Asian Street Style: 10 Tips

If you're trying to get some Asian street style, these 10 tips should help you out. Asians seem to have a gift when it comes to crafting the perfect street style outfit. They can put together the most unlikely of pieces into a cohesive and fashionable outfit.  Here are some tips and tricks to capture that quirky Asian street style!

  1. Brightly Colored Pants Browsing the street style blogs of Japan and China, one staple seems to be necessary: bright, colored pants. These are great for a pop of color or if you are dying to stand out among the crowd.
  2. Graphic T-Shirt Graphic shirts are also commonly seen on the streets of many Asian countries.  V-neck t-shirts seem to be the most popular style, especially with a bright logo or the flag of a country.
  3. Classic Trench This is a wardrobe staple wherever you may be.  Nothing gives a look more class than a classic khaki trench coat.  Mix and up and try one in navy or one with a pattern!
  4. Ironic Glasses Even if they don't need them, guys with glasses are incredibly sexy.  In addition, a cool pair of frames is a great accessory to any outfit.
  5. Patterned Scarf These also seem to be a universal accessory.  However, instead of wearing a scarf the traditional way, try mixing it up a bit.  Innovation is one of the keys to fashion.
  6. Rolled Khakis Khaki pants have also been around.  However, for a new twist on the traditional item, try rolling them up to show off your sneakers or oxfords.
  7. Ripped Jeans We all thought that trend was over, but it looks like ripped jeans are coming back.  To achieve the perfect ripped jeans look, make sure the holes are not too over the top. 
  8. Bow Ties Bow ties always look classic on every man.  In Japan, however, they are often worn with everyday wear. 
  9. Hats Fedoras, newsboy caps, baseball caps, you name it.  In many Asian countries, hats are the go-to accessory of choice.
  10. No Reservations Asian street style, it seems, is all about experimentation.  Crazy combinations are all the rage, so to really capture Asian street style, one must think out of the box whenever possible.
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