Aspiring Actors 10 Ways To Start

If you are an aspiring actor but don't know where to start, have no fear, here is a guide for the Aspiring Actors 10 Ways to Start:

  1. Read, Watch, Learn— This is the best way to start.  Read the plays, watch the movies, watch the TV shows and take it all in.  You learn a lot from looking and listening.
  2. Enroll—  Enroll in a good basic acting class is another great way to start.  Look online for acting schools in your city, check out their websites, read the reviews and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask questions. 
  3. Headshot— You need one to get started!  This is your business card.  Again look online for “headshot photographers” in your city, check out websites, and give them a call.  It's also good idea to meet beforehand for coffee to feel each other out and talk about what picture you want.  Most popular is the commercial smiley headshot and the legit serious headshot.  
  4. Resume— You also need this to get started but at the beginning its OK to have nothing on it with just your name, height, hair and eye color, no need to list weight or age because after all we lie about it anyway.  Include a contact number/email. Do not put your address on it: you never know who might pick it and you don’t want it in the wrong hands. 
  5. Audition— A way to start getting audition experience under your belt go out and audition. It’s the best way to learn.  So look online at popular audition websites like, and in theatre buildings on college campuses or art buildings in city hall that might post audition on the wall and then go out and do it.
  6. Community Theatre— Great way to start. This will also get you a credit on your resume and you will learn how theatre works plus it’s a caring environment that will help you grow as an actor.
  7. Student Films— Another great way to start and receive a credit and learn acting. This is also a safe environment because everybody is learning together.
  8. Network— Another opportunity to get started and get known as an aspiring actor. While out doing and taking classes you will be meeting lots of actors, directors, behind the scenes people. This is a great time to create a circle of friends that might expand into other opportunities and future gigs.  If not you still get a lifetime of friendship.  It’s a win-win situation.
  9. Believe in Yourself— You are the one that is going to push yourself out there in this world.  You might come face to face with lots of rejections, but if you keep at it you will get a yes.  Just believing in yourself is the way to start on your path of acting.
  10. Have Fun— Life is to short, have fun!
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