Assemble Field Hockey Nets

Knowing how to assemble field hockey nets can make you a helpful person for the players itching to slap a few field shots. Filed hockey nets typically come in large pieces with small attachment hardware. Always make sure that all the hardware is present before beginning the project. Each field hockey goal from different manufacturers will have some slightly different attachment parts. This article will explore assembling a basic field hockey net. Follow the instructions carefully for any net your use as some may have intricate parts not described here within.

For assembling field hockey nets you will need:

  • Screw driver
  • Hockey net
  1. Lay out all the pieces on the ground with the hardware safely on a tarp, piece of plastic or in a bucket. When assembling field hockey nets, the last thing you want to do is lose the hardware needed to hold the net together.
  2. Place each of the side arms on the ground. These arms are typically large square "U" shapes that make up the sides of the goal. When assembling field hockey nets you want to lay these arms with the tops facing away from each other. This way the net will pull together quickly.
  3. Connect the arm with the spacer bar. When assembling field hockey nets, the spacer bar is the metal piece that connects the front of the arm to the rear of the arm for stabilization. It typically screws in with a single screw to sturdy the sides of the net.
  4. Add the back bar. When assembling field hockey nets, the back bar connects the two arms and creates a back for the goal. Typically it screws into the backs of the arm pieces with two or four bolts. The assembly now begins to appear as a field hockey net instead of pieces of funny shaped metal.
  5. Hang the net. The last step in assembling field hockey nets is to assemble the net. The cloth edges of the net usually attach with hook screws to the top of the arms, the space bars and the back bar. Screw the hooks into the apparatus and lay the net over the top. Hook the net in place using the screws. It may take more than one attempt to get the net on properly.
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