Atlantic City Blackjack Odds How Much Can You Win

It's often very tough to figure chances in a card game, but with Atlantic City blackjack odds how much can you win could be figured out with a few (mathematical) tricks of the trade. So how much can you win exactly? Well, there are a variety of factors that go into Atlantic City blackjack odds; yet, don't sweat it. We've got you covered with a manual to help out the struggling poker star, even in the most dire of situations.

Here's what you will need to figure out how much can you win in the big city:

  • A deck of practice cards
  • A piece of paper and pencil
  • A list of casinos in Atlantic City you wish to visit
  • Knowledge of basic blackjack
  1. Remember, Atlantic City casinos aren't rigged towards your advantage. Figure that the odds won't be anything equal to or higher than 50:50 in your favor. Atlantic City blackjack odds depend on a lot of things, but understand that every casino is in it for the money. When you step into a casino, you are the customer. Presumably, the customer doesn't (usually) walk out with more money than they originally had.
  2. Figure that card counting isn't allowed. Although many casinos propagate the myth that card counting is illegal, it isn't. So long as there isn't a device helping you, it's completely cool with the government. That doesn't mean that casinos won't rig Atlantic city blackjack odds against you. Private property is just that: private. So understand that counting cards could have you harassed by the staff, and won't give that over 50:50 edge you're looking for.
  3. Add in your skill set. Atlantic City blackjack odds definitely do depend on the skills of the particular player in question. How much can you win at your particular skill set? Even that is an allusive question. There is a mix of the individual skill set, other player's, and the casino in question.
  4. Understand that you cannot be banned for being good. The fun thing about Atlantic City blackjack odds is that you can always play. In Uston v. Resorts International Hotel Inc., the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that card counters, professional players, or skilled players could not be barred from casinos. So odds may be low, but there are always odds no matter what!
  5. Subtract the money you bet. Large bets take away from how much can you win at blackjack. Due to counter measures from big-time players such as those on the MIT Blackjack Team, the more you put on the table, the more attention you'll draw.

Putting all of these factors together will give you a fairly accurate picture of where your luck will be with Atlantic City blackjack odds. Things will be rough, and they're definitely not like the 2008 movie "21", but blackjack odds can be curved your way if the timing is right.

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