Atmosphere Lyrics About Relationships

A depth that marks them as a significant force in the musical world also creates the 10 best Atmosphere lyrics about relationships. Pain is pain and love is love but the true power lies in the words that describe them. Listen alone or bear witness with friends to these emotional words:

  1. "If she knew the way she walks could take away my storm." "Summer Song" tells of  inner turmoil washed away by the way a woman moves. Over the top anger gets soothed by the sultry way a woman moves. It paints a picture that makes an incredible Atmosphere lyric about relationships.
  2. "The world is a vampire, she eats her kids." Is there a more dangerous coupling than between a human being and the Earth he lives on? The world gives and takes in "Vampires" but in the end it kills via almost innumerous ways. Our life's blood eventually ends back in the ground as our muddy mother calls our marker in.
  3. "I need to check my friends as well as my next of kin, to let them know I love them all to the end." Bonds of love and faith make a man stronger than he could be as one individual. It's hard to express the deeper emotions so "Lovelife" does it for you. An Atmosphere lyric about relationships that hits at the core and empowers one's vulnerabilities.
  4. "So now I keep a close eye on my pets, because they make most of they moves off of instinct and sense." Animals tend to live on instinct whereas humanity has numerous external sources of information that floods our senses daily. Some of this information is true, some false and some extraneous. By looking to instinct and common sense that is voiced in "Trying to Find a Balance" you see relationships stripped to their essence.
  5. "If she needed the money, I would stick you up." When you're willing to go criminal for your better half then you've reached that crazy pinnacle. To do what needs to be done, even if illegal, means that someone else's needs above your freedom. "She's Enough" shows no boundaries in this Atmosphere lyric about relationships and that's a huge statement.
  6. "If I was a rich man, I'd buy you some shoes." "If I was Santa Claus" shows that taking care of someone else's needs is foremost on his mind. Shoes are a basic need to get through the average day and to help someone with that requirement is caring at its most basic. Wants can't compare to the power of needs in this Atmosphere lyric about relationships.
  7. "Don't mean a damn thing if there's nobody to share them with." "Reflections" shares a rough moment when your joys and sorrows are stuck within yourself with no one to show them to. Whether to shoulder the pain with you or to take a share of your joy someone else can make it better. Be it a friend, relative or lover this Atmosphere lyric about relationships shows the necessity of having someone in your life.
  8. "I'm always coming back home to you." It's said that home is where the heart is but that isn't because you adore your couch. A promise to return no matter what marks this as a special Atmosphere lyric about relationships. No matter how far you get away from your home, returning home for that incredible someone is what marks it as that most desirable place in "Always Coming Back Home to You".
  9. "So I ration emotion because existence exhausts me." Slug shows the weariness that people can experience. Making emotion an energy that needs to be conserved so he can function daily makes any expenditure of emotion a powerful relationship with the person he allows himself to spend it upon. One of the most succinct Atmosphere lyrics about relationships in the book is here in "They're All Gonna Laugh @ You".
  10. "Pour me another so I could forget you now." Drinking and heartache are a common theme in "Pour Me Another". A poignant lyric about the pain being so great it's better to forget it ever happened. To deny another's existence is powerful and for Slug it needs a little alcoholic help.
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