Attach Water Ski Bindings

Knowing how to attach water ski bindings is every bit as important as attaching bindings to cross country or downhill skis. By nature, the bindings are larger, but the function is the same. The bindings allow the user to keep the skis on their feet. The nature of water skiing means that the skier will end up in the water at some point, unless he is extremely gifted.

Things You Will Need to Attach Bindings on Water Skis:

  • Replacement Bindings Made out of Neoprene
  • A pair of water skis
  • A strong bonding agent or some means of securing the bindings to the ski
  1. Remove the old water ski bindings first. Clean and sand the area where the bindings were if necessary. You can use the bindings as a pattern for your new bindings if you are inclined to do this yourself. Make sure the area is smooth before placing the new bindings on the skis
  2. Place the new bindings on the skis. Get the bindings as close as possible to where the old bindings were. If you are using the kind that uses straps adjust them to your feet loosely. Once you are satisfied with the position remove the apparatus and apply the bonding agent to the water skis. Make sure the binding agent will stick to metal, wood and the rubber or neoprene material used to make the bindings.
  3. Clamp the bindings on the water skis. Let the epoxy dry overnight. Take the skis out into the water for gentle testing. Attaching the ski bindings quickly or taking shortcuts can result in serious injuries.
  4. Ask for professional help if needed.   You know you won't, bu at least pretend to read this disclaimer. If you are not sure that you can safely handle putting the bindings on water skis or the process goes awry. Take the skis to your local sporting goods or ski supply store. The staff can let you know what you did wrong.
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