Attracted to Your Cousin: Why You Shouldn’t

There are many, MANY reasons if you’re attracted to your cousin: why you shouldn’t act on it. Most guys have had one of those weird, naughty kind of turn-ons (which is why they’re a turn-on in the first place), but most of us have been smart enough not to do anything about them.

  1. A special kind of shame – Incest is a taboo that many people have a hard time dealing with and assume is a perversion on the perpetrators’ part. You have to consider that if you’re attracted to your cousin and did something with her and your family found out…you two wouldn’t just be the black sheep at family get-togethers, you’d be the sheep who no one ever wanted to have over.
  2. Your parents would never look at you the same – It’s one thing to get caught nailing your babysitter or your dad’s boss’ daughter—your parents will forgive you for that, eventually. But if you’re attracted to your cousin and act on it and they find out, it would drive a rift between you and your folks that may be there for a long time. Again, society hasn’t even come close to accepting incest—though marriage among cousins was once common, that sort of thing is now verboten.
  3. Weird, WEIRD Thanksgivings –  if you’re attracted to your cousin and act on it, at some point one or both of you might regret it, making it very awkward when you two are forced to be together.  There will be a whole new meaning around the dining room table to the words “stuffing,” “giblets,” “tossed salad,” and “candied yams.”  You’ll suddenly have no appetite for pie, hers or the one served for dessert.
  4. It will follow you – What happens if she ever let it slip to her hubby someday that she had this indiscretion and what if he decides to confront you because he now thinks you’re a freak?  And then maybe he tells your wife – who will most likely not understand – and so on and so on.  If you’re attracted to your cousin and bone her, this skeleton will be bones of a sort in your closet you’ll always be afraid of showing up.
  5. Dude…babies!?!? – In the worst-case scenario you knock her up and then you’ve got a whole different kind of mess on your hands. It’s a child that neither of you will want to bring to term, as you wouldn’t want it growing up with the stigma that would be attached to it. So she’d have to get an abortion, which isn’t a pleasant or comforting experience, regardless of how much you support the legal right. If you’re attracted to your cousin, this may be the worst thing that could result from it.
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