Australian Cricket History

Interested in Australian cricket history? How did cricket become one of the most popular sports in Australia? Evolving from a newly imported game from England to the country's national sport, cricket has always been a part of Australia's identity. Learn about the roots and rich history of Australian cricket.

Cricket makes the papers. The first official mention of cricket being played in Australia was on January 8, 1804, printed in the Sydney Gazette. What is interesting is that the paper makes reference to the game having been enjoyed on an amateur level for some time. Maybe some of the English convicts sent to Australia were fond of the sport?

Early popularity for Australian cricket. The sport quickly became a favorite national past time with teams forming by the 1830's and the first inter-colonial match being played in 1851 at Launceston. This historical match was between the Gentlemen of Port Phillip and the Gentlemen of VanDiemen's Land. Within another few years, cricket matches were held between New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and Melbourne. Inter-colonial matches quickly evolved into international matches.

Australia vs. England. An interesting facet of Australian cricket history is that the first national traveling team to play in England was made up of mostly Aboriginal players. These pioneering Australian cricketers won just as many matches as they lost, laying the foundation for the rivalry between Australia and England back in 1868.

The Australian Cricket Council is formed. The first administrative body was established in 1892. While the council evolved over the years, disbanding, reforming, and changing names, it still exists today as Cricket Australia. The present chairman is Jack Clarke from South Australia.

Australian cricket today. Cricketers have been playing in Australia for over two centuries. Whether playing or watching, it is a beloved national sport along with rugby and Australian football. Today cricket is played by half a million Australians.



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