Australian Cricket Records

The game of cricket in Australia traces its origins back to the late 1800s, more than enough time to provide a tableau for outstanding athletic performances, as this list of Australian cricket records shows. Like baseball, cricket allows for excellence in battling, fielding and pitching. Australia's cricket records compare favorably against the many other nations around the world that compete in cricket. Here is a primer of some of the most outstanding performances:

  1. Most matches. Michael J. Clarke, a middle-order batsman, has competed in 34 Twenty20 International matches, six more than his closest competitor. Clarke's streak spans 2005 to 2010; in those 34 game he has scored 488 runs.
  2. Most runs. David "Lloyd" Warner has scored 706 runs in Twenty20 International matches for Australia between 2009 and this year. Warner, a left-hander, is an opening batsman.
  3. Most runs in a series. Matthew L. Hayden, also a left-handed opening batsman, plated 265 runs in international Twenty20 matches in South Africa in 2007. His feat was accomplished over six games.  
  4. Most wickets. Mitchell Johnson has been credited with 34 wickets in competition for Australia between 2007 and 2011. Johnson is a left-handed bowler who has competed in 26 Twenty20 international matches over this period.
  5. Most matches as captain. Michael J. Clarke, a right-handed middle-order batsman from Liverpool, New South Wales, has captained Australia in Twenty20 matches eighteen times between 2007 and 2010, one more than the runner-up. No one else has more than two games as captain.
  6. Highest totals. Australia topped England 221-5 in a Twenty20 match in Sidney on Jan. 9, 2007. The next closest score for the Aussies was a 214-5 win over New Zealand in 2005.
  7. Most runs in a World Cup cricket match. Australia pushed across 377 runs in a 377-6 rout of South Africa in 2006.
  8. Highest-match aggregates. New Zealand and Australia combined for 428 runs in a Twenty20 International match 2010. The previous combined record was 400 runs, set in 2006.



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