Australian Cricket Rules

One of the most popular Aussie sports, cricket is played and enjoyed by millions of people in the great Down Under; learn the basic Australian cricket rules so you can get into the sport whenever you are visiting Australia.

  1. The basic set-up. Cricket is played by two opposing teams, with eleven players on each team. Players use a wooden cricket bat, wickets, which are three posts topped with two bails, and a cricket ball. Just as with baseball, in Australian cricket the rules allow one team a chance to score during each innings, while the other team tries to get the players out.
  2. The field. In Australian cricket players compete on an elliptical field of grass, usually 90 to 150 meters across. On either side of the field is an obvious marker. In the center is the pitch, a patch of hard-packed earth covered with grass, bounded on either side by bowling creases, where each set of wickets is located. A popping crease and return crease also serve to mark the parameters of the game.
  3. Play. What are the rules of play in Australian cricket? Two players of the batting team, decided by a coin toss, go to bat while the other nine players remain off the field, waiting for their turn. The entire fielding team enters the field in their appropriate defensive positions. The batsmen work together attempting to score by moving across the field.
  4. Getting out. According to Australian cricket rules there are ten ways of getting out. If a fielder catches the ball and does not touch or step over the boundary, then the batsman is out. If the wicket is broken by the bat or ball or if the batsman misses with his bat but intercepts with his body when it would have hit the wicket, then he is out. Being stumped, where the wicket-keeper gathers a missed ball and breaks the wicket, being run out, when a fielder breaks the wicket with the ball while the batsmen is out of the crease, or breaking the wicket with any piece of equipment are all an out. Handling the ball, obstructing the field, hitting the ball twice, and taking too long to appear on the field all give the batsman an out according to cricket rules.
  5. Scoring. In Australian cricket a run is scored when both batsmen reach the opposite crease. Once a run is scored, the players can keep attempting to score again until the opposing team gets one of the batsmen out. The entire fielding team is trying to get an out by gathering the ball and hitting the wicket while the batsmen are not behind the crease. Runs can also be scored if a batsmen hits the ball to or over the boundary fence. Knowing the rules of Australian cricket, now you can enjoy watching the game and can get into the excitement!



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