Auto Zone Locations In Los Angeles

There are dozens of Auto Zone locations in Los Angeles, California, each offering a selection of parts and accessories for automobiles, boats, trucks and other motors.  With many Los Angeles Auto Zone locations to choose from, the company makes their stores readily available to residents in Southern California. 

  1. East Washington Boulevard – Roughly two miles southeast of the center of Los Angeles, this Auto Zone location is just a block off of the Santa Monica Freeway, Highway 10.  This store can be found right on East Washington Boulevard between South Central Avenue and South San Pedro Street.  1000 E. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90021.
  2. North Alvarado Bouldvard – Located near Echo Park and Gateways Hospital, the North Alvarado Auto Zone location in Los Angeles is about two miles north of the downtown area of the city.  This Auto Zone is right on North Alvarado Street, or Highway 2, near the street's intersection with Glendale Boulevard.  1515 N Alvarado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90026.
  3. North Broadway – Housed in the direction of Montecito Heights, as the name suggests, the North Broadway Auto Zone is on North Broadway between Griffin Avenue and Lincoln Park Avenue.  This store, which is open seven days a week, is less than a mile west of Ascot Hills Park and North Mission Road.  3011 North Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 90031.
  4. East Cesar Chavez –  Serving Eastern Los Angeles, the Cesar Chavez Auto Zone location is right off the exit of Highway 5, the Golden State Freeway, on East Cesar Chavez Avenue.  This Auto Zone location in Los Angeles is also close to Highway 10 and Highway 101.  2001 East Cesar Chavez, Los Angeles, CA, 90033.
  5. South Central Avenue – Sitting near the corner of East Vernon Avenue, the South Central Avenue Auto Zone store is one of several locations on the south side of Los Angeles, California.  This store is one of many in a mile radius, with other stores just to the east and to the south on both Central and Vernon.  4349 S Central Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90011.
  6. Whittier Boulevard – Situated in East Los Angeles, the Whittier Blvd Auto Zone store is right between where Pomona Freeway, or Highway 60, and Highway 5 intersect.  This auto parts retail store sits on the corner of Whittier Boulevard and South Indiana Street near Aguna Park.  3801 Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90023.
  7. South Vermont #1 –  In one of three locations on street, the South Vermont #1 location is the most centrally located Auto Zone on Vermont in Los Angeles. This Los Angeles Auto Zone is located on the northeast corner of South Vermont and West Pico Boulevard to the west of central Los Angeles. 1250 S Vermont #1, Los Angeles, CA, 90006.
  8. South Vermont #2 – Situated to the west of the downtown area, this Auto Zone is north of West 3rd Street and south of Beverly Boulevard.  Of the three Auto Zone locations in Los Angeles on Vermont Avenue, this store is the most north.  162 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90004.
  9. South Vermont #3 – Located very close to the University of Southern California Park Campus, the South Vermont #3 Auto Zone location serves the campus area and southwest Los Angeles.  The store sits on South Vermont between West JEfferson Boulevard and West Adams Boulevard.  2907 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA, 90007.
  10. West Washington Boulevard – The second of two Auto Zone locations in Los Angeles on Washington Boulevard, the West Washington location serves the western portion of the city.  This auto parts retail location is close to Pico Union Vest Pocket Part, just north of Highway 10, or the Santa Monica Freeway, and near the corner of West Washington and South Hoover.  1325 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90007.
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