Average Age To Lose Virginity

By the time most teens enter junior high, they have wondered at one point or another, "What is the average age to lose your virginity?" It may seem, especially among guys, that everyone has had sex but you. Are you some kind of freak or is everyone else lying about having sex? Virginity is a long standing source of humor, with movies like "The 40 Year Old Vigin" and "American Pie" making any virgin watching feel like they're under a spotlight until they make the plunge. Well, rest assured that if you are still in your early teens, most people are exaggerating their sexual prowess. The average age people lose their virginity varies depending on gender and the country you live in, but other factors are negligible in their influence. For the sake of simplicity, we'll mainly focus on North American statistics. 

Average Age for Women Females in the United States and Canada belong to the group with the lowest average age of sexual initiation in the world at 16.4 years of age. This doesn't, of course, mean that any girl who hasn't lost her virginity by 18 is an oddball or that a sexually experienced 14-year-old is a hussy, of course. Averages mean that there are plenty of people older and younger than the average who haven't had sex. 

If you've already entered your 20s and still haven't lost your virginity, you're not entirely alone. About 21 percent of women haven't had a sexual encounter yet. The big leap occurs between the ages of 21 and 22. By age 23 over 95 percent of women have had sex. Past 30 years of age, 98 percent of women were/are married were no longer virgins, versus 90 percent of those who had never been married.

Average Age for Men Guys in North America, just like the gals, share the lowest average age for having had sex at 17 years of age. Statistically, boys will have their first sexual encounter with someone their own age or slightly younger versus females who will more likely sleep with a guy older than themselves for their first time. 

By age 19 over 80 perfect of men have lost their virginity and by age 25 over 97 percent of men have had sex. After this point, the percentage of the male population that are still virgins remains relatively stable with little fluctuation after age 30. Although the number of men who are virgins by age 25 is 1 percent higher than women, they are much more likely to have had four or more partners versus a woman's average of two. So, any male virgins out there can feel free to blame those guys for why you haven't had sex yet. 

International Statistics: Ranking and Average Age People Lose Their Virginity

  1. United States – 16.4
  2. Brazil – 16.5
  3. Germany – 17.6
  4. Australia – 17.9
  5. Nigeria – 19.7
  6. Japan – 19.7
  7. Hong Kong – 20.5
  8. China – 21.9
  9. India – 22
  10. Malaysia – 23

So, if you haven't gotten your feet wet yet, no worries. In fact, the average age when people lose their virginity has risen. From 1988 to 2002 the percentage of teens who had had sex by age 17 fell by 15 percent in boys and 6 percent among girls. Religion, family situation, education and ethnicity also play a role, but only shift the data a little in any direction. So in the end, you should do as everyone else does and not base any decisions on statistics because, statistically speaking, you'll probably lose your virginity one way or another.

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