Average Typing Speed

The average typing speed of a person can give insight to one's ability to type.  Certainly one's experience in typing will increase the average typing speed.  Here are some facts and information regarding average typing speed, as well as typing speed in general.

Average Typing Speed.  There have been many different studies and reports regarding "average" typing speed.  According to one study, the mean was 40 words per minute (WPM) and the median was found at 38.  This is where many estimates find the average typing speed, though of course this can be higher or lower depending on many factors.

What is Average?  "Average" is a tricky element when it comes to typing speed.  Consider, for instance, societal factors, as well as the profession of the user.  Obviously, those that need to type on a daily basis will likely be better at typing.  There are professions where the average typing speed counts significantly.

When High Typing Speed is Needed.  Some professions and users type at quite high typing speeds.  Average professional typists can reach 50 to 75 WPM, commonly.  There are positions that require very fast speeds, such as dispatch positions, and these individuals can fall within the 80 to 95 WPM range.  Finally, advanced typists can reach speeds surpassing 120 WPM, truly the upper-echelon of typing speeds.

How Can You Improve Typing Speeds?  There are plenty of typing courses, online and in software form, that can teach individuals to type faster.  These typically rely on touch typing, a method that allows individuals to type without looking at the keyboard.  There are also plenty of tests online where indiivduals can find their typing speed.

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