Aviator Sunglasses for Men


Though it pulls a disappearing act at the end of every day, the sun is still waiting to blind you each and every tomorrow so do your eyes a favor and give these aviator sunglasses for men a try. Besides the protection from too-bright days these specs provide there's also the added benefit of being able to hide tired, bloodshot or hungover eyes from the world—and do it in style. So, until science cures the important diseases and is able to turn its focus upon the binge-drinking insomniacs and chronic medical marijuana smokers, there will always be aviator sunglasses to help you get through the day.


RB3362-23 Cockpit

RB3362-23 cockpit.jpg

With a long history of making sunglasses, Ray-Ban stands for well-crafted eyewear that lasts long enough to be passed on to the next generation. With a soft tweak on the classic Aviator look, this Cockpit model blends orange and brown into the lenses giving it a nice current vibe, which allows the outside world to get a little peek behind the curtains, just glimpsing the windows to your soul. With unobtrusive frames, these glasses are the universal accent to all your clothes, from suits to T-shirts.


Hunter 731

hunter 731.jpg

With silver green lenses and metallic frames these sunglasses by the most stylish man on earth, Tom Ford, take a strong, sleek look and add a twist of personality. The metal frames give a masculine appearance to these aviators as well as being highly adaptable from party to work and back again. The softly green tinged lenses mean you lose the hard robotic look you get from the typical mirrored lenses. A nice addition to your wardrobe, the Hunter 731 gives a sense of style without looking like you tried all that hard.


Medium Aviator

serengeti medium aviator.jpg

Much like the porridge scene in Goldilocks, the medium aviator by Serengeti is just right. The lenses give protection without the larger size of its brother models that often cover up your eyebrows, making you look like the victim of a terrible grilling accident. An encompassing soft brown color gives some nice earth tones to your outlook and makes you approachable while still keeping the old corneas safe and sound.


Manele Bay

manele bay rose.jpg

With the Maui Rose color you not only get some solidly built aviator sunglasses but you finally get to view the world through those elusive rose colored glasses so loved by the French. See how life changes once you have a rosy outlook? You don't? Well that was a quick mental check and you passed. Maui Jim keeps the Manele Bay on track, avoiding the oversized look and offering a cross bar that will keep your glasses from twisting or flexing beyond repair. A perfect pair of sunglasses for your vacation where they're sure to take more beatings than they would during your commute to work. Assuming you don't work in the TK


Aviator Large Metal II

Large Metal II.jpg

Ray-Ban offers up an aviator that is as black as the soul you're trying to keep people from seeing in your eyes. Comfortably large enough to block out even the biggest of sun flares, these sunglasses don't just protect you from all those pesky ultraviolet rays—they also offer mental protection with their ability to stop mentalists and arm chair psychologists from seeing minute muscle changes around your eyes. The Aviator Large Metal II offers up the perfect subdued dark lenses for shielding the sensitive, introverted side of you.

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