Avoid Pommel Horse Accidents

Learning how to avoid pommel horse accidents prepares the athlete for the safe use of an apparatus that stands 3.77 feet tall. With wrists supporting twice the normal body weight, it stands to reason that personal health is the most endangered when exercising or performing. A sound workout strategy may not prevent all accidents from happening but it does lessen the risk.

  1. Place mats around the apparatus. The list of tips outlining how to avoid pommel horse accidents begins with the need for proper cushioning in case of a fall. The scissors and circular motions that are part and parcel of a pommel horse routine may–during practice–lead to the athlete’s loss of balance and toppling from the horse. Mats break the falls.
  2. Cushion the pommel horse. A crucial step for newbies, added padding cushions the impact of the body on the surfaces of the horse. Granted, only the hands are supposed to make contact with the apparatus during a routine, but for the novice this is a goal to work toward, not a condition to be mastered already.
  3. Inspect the equipment prior to use. Does the apparatus stand secure without wobbling? Are the pommels fastened to the seat? Avoid pommel horse accidents by inspecting the equipment prior to each use. Do not take anyone’s word for the proper working condition of any type of equipment!
  4. Warm up consistently. Avoid pommel horse accidents by stretching and warming up conscientiously. Even after taking a break, make the time to once again stretch out.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Even if the athlete works diligently to avoid pommel horse accidents, remember that it is still possible to slip, fall or sprain a wrist.
  • Gymnastics is an extreme sport and treating the equipment with respect is a must.
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