Awesome IPhone Apps

When talking about awesome iPhone apps, it is important to note that some of those awesome iPhone apps are going to be useless to some people. If you have an iPhone and you are looking for awesome iPhone apps, you are probably looking for something that is both functional and fun. Without further ado, here are the most awesome of those awesome iPhone apps.

  1. Angry Birds This app tops the list because of its sheer popularity. This physics-based game is so well-liked it has spawned several off-shoots as well as rumors of its own movie.
  2. MLB At Bat Of course, MLB At Bat is only one of the most awesome iPhone apps if you happen to be a baseball fan, but if you are a fan, you will be hard pressed to get along without it. The app comes with free audio of every game and if you have signed up with MLB.TV, you can watch videos on your iPhone as well.
  3. Twitter One of the best things about the iPhone is you are able to easily stay connected to social networks while on the go. Twitter is one of the most awesome iPhone apps because you can easily tweet or read tweets from people you follow on the popular social networking site.
  4. Netflix If you already have a Netflix account, this is one of the most awesome iPhone apps because you can watch movies right on your phone. The best part is the Netflix app is completely free should you already have an account.
  5. Pandora If you want to listen to a ton of great songs for free, "Pandora" is the app for you. While there is a little annoyance with the number of skips you can select, this awesome iPhone app will help you discover music you never knew you liked before.
  6. Sound Hound If you're tooling around in your car or watching television, hear a song and want to know its title, this is the app for you. In addition to getting the title of the song, Sound Hound links easily to iTunes so you can purchase and download songs.
  7. Kindle Kindle for the iPhone works just as well as it does for an actual Amazon Kindle device. If you have a Kindle but don't have it with you, you can sync any books on that device to your iPhone with this app.
  8. Yelp Yelp is one of the most awesome iPhone apps because you basically have a visual- and text-based restaurant critic with you at all times. Yelp allows you to both read and record restaurant reviews with ease.
  9. World Lens A great app for world travelers. For example, point your iPhone at a sign in Spanish and it will automatically translate that sign into the language of your choice.
  10. Evernote A simple app that allows you to write yourself little notes and transfer them to the website.  This is an awesome iPhone app simply because of the backup features that make it hard to ever lose a note you take down with the app.



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