Awesome Video Game Chairs


Experience PlayStation action from the comfort of awesome video game chairs. Nothing underscores screen battles like a shimmying, vibrating and noise-conduction seat. The sky is the limit when it comes to cost. From the humble beanbag to the tricked out quasi-racing seat, find one that fits your needs and budget constraints. After all, when you're saving the universe you do deserve to do it from a cushy chair.

Repose Sub-Sonic Bone Rattler



At a cost of $419, this is the Cadillac of awesome video game chairs. The seat portion features a sub-woofer, while the manufacturer integrated two speakers into the back portion. The resulting surround sound makes for a unique gaming experience and crisp sound enjoyment. Hook together two chairs for one-on-one combat or racing duels.


Reasonably priced at $153, this chair offers direct connectivity to PlayStation, GameBoy, Xbox and home theater components. Notice the speakers inside the chair and the volume control panel at the side. If you grow tired of the wiring, you can retrofit the Ace X Rocker with a wireless kit, which is sold separately.



Prepare to spend about $280 on this comfy seat. Like the more expensive awesome video game chairs, this one also features sub-woofer and speaker all built in. The multi-player connection adds excitement and the cordless manufacture makes quick work of the wire tangles.

Boom Chair


If the Boom Chair reminds you of the captain’s seat on the bridge of the Enterprise—from the original Star Trek, of course—you are not alone. Move over Kirk, there is a new gamer in town! Costing you about $177, this one also hooks up to the computer. Mafia Wars will never be the same.

Sumo Gamer


It is a bean bag chair fit for a king. Spend $199 for a micro-suede exterior or $219 for a corduroy cover. There are no technological advances inside these chairs. Instead, they adjust to the contours of the body and make gaming fun, relaxing and great for the overgrown gamer whose got a couple of kids.

Quit playing games from the sofa, which is most likely across the room. Get up close and personal with awesome video game chairs that fit any budget and gaming need.

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