Awkward Questions To Ask A Girl

Need help with awkward questions to ask a girl? When you first start dating, at some point there will be unavoidable awkward questions you have to ask a girl. The questions might be about past partners, their opinion of you or even STD’s. But by choosing the right time, these questions can be a little easier to ask. Timing is vital to cause as little embarrassment as possible on both sides.

  1. STD’s? Perhaps the most difficult question to ask, but vital if you are having unprotected sex is to ask when the last STD test was. In most areas of the world STD’s are increasing dramatically as people become less worried about HIV, but we still need to worry and take all precautions. If you have decided to go unprotected, both sides will need to be honest. This has to be the number one awkward question to ask a girl.
  2. How many partners? This is related to the first questions, but going the unprotected route you need to be as sure as you can of what risks you are taking. The old saying ‘if in doubt, don’t’ very much applies. On the other hand, you might be playing safe and are just curious about past partners, but you have to be careful how the question is asked in case she thinks you are accusing her of being promiscuous.
  3. What do you see in me? Hopefully the body language and things that have been said will confirm that she thinks a lot of you, but sometimes there are no signals. Sometimes you just have to be bold and ask, but it’s best to ask when you are both totally relaxed and dropped into conversation. It is also worth remembering that you might not like the answer, so beware with questions to ask a girl.
  4. What do you want in a relationship? Some people just want to be single, or have had a bad experience in the past making them apprehensive about starting a relationship. The casual approach works best here by not making a big deal of it. If you want to settle down and have children, but she is a career woman, you might be best starting again with someone else.
  5. Am I the father of the newborn? Sometimes we lack trust in out partners which could be due to past relationships, or something our partner has done to worry us. If you have doubts that you are the Father, you need to get it confirmed or the thought will never go away. While this being one of the more difficult awkward questions to ask a girl, not having the answer will affect the rest of our lives.
  6. Why have relationships broken down in the past? It’s good to know what led to relationship breakups as there might be a common cause each time. Knowledge helps us not make the same mistake in the future, so questions to ask a girl can help in the future.
  7. Why have you fallen out with your family? This is one of the easier questions to ask a girl and can give you an idea if she just has a bad family or whether she is the problem.
  8. Have you gained weight/Do you tend to gain weight? Is this really a question to ask a girl that you love, or are you worried that she will gain weight every year you know her. We all need a degree of physical attraction, and this can apply to weight gain.
  9. Have you done much dating? This might be asked if you want to know she is trying to find a partner or might be promiscuous.
  10. Is there anything you find unattractive about me? Be prepared to get hurt on the question, as you might not like the truth.

There are so many awkward questions to ask a girl, but we should think do we really need to ask them and if we do, ask at the right timing.

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