Baby Milestones First Year

Baby milestones in their first year have a great impact on the way they behave and how we interact with them. Babies grow at an amazing pace. While most of these baby milestones occur in the first year, some babies will reach these milestones at their own pace.  We will highlight some of these milestones for you to look out for.

  1. Copying Sounds.  This occurs in the first to second month.  This baby milestone in the first year can be considered the first steps of interaction as the baby will mimic or copy sounds made by you.

  1. Clapping.  Occurring during the third month onwards, this baby milestone shows your baby’s understanding and control of their motor actions.  This is a baby milestone in the first year where your baby recognizes their motor action leads to sound and thus attention from those around them.

  1. Lifts head and chest when laid on tummy and attempts to move.  This is the beginning Baby Milestone of free mind and movement.  Here they start with the first steps of moving their upper body; the first steps to actually sitting up will follow months later.

  1. Rolling Over.   This baby milestone for the first year is usually reached within four to five months.  The baby will roll from tummy to back, and back to tummy once this is mastered.

  1. Taste testing.  In this milestone, the baby will taste everything that he/she can get their hands on.  The baby is exploring everything orally.  Here, parents should be careful of what their baby puts in their mouths.  However parents should not be too bothered as this curiosity is healthy for growing babies.

  1. Teething.  This is perhaps the surest sign that an infant is turning into a baby.  You will see little white pearly teeth appearing from the gums accompanied by drooling.  Soon your baby will be ready for semi-solid food.  With this first year Baby milestone, relieved parents may prepare to see less of milk bottles.

  1. Sit by self.  The baby should be able to sit by itself within six to eight months.  All the upper body movements in the earlier months have culminated to this moment.  During the beginning of this stage, the baby may still fall over, parents should be careful that baby falls on a soft surface.

  1. Copies facial expressions. This is a really fun baby milestone in the first year.  Here you will see your baby mimic your facial expression and actions.

  1. Speaking.  This is probably every parent’s favorite baby milestone for the first year.  The baby is able to say ‘mami’ and ‘dadi’ and other simplified names.

  1. Walking.  Some may reach this baby milestone in the first year or months later.  The baby starts to stand himself up and walk a few steps.  Upon succeeding, the baby will keep trying it like a newfound super power, eventually walking.  Parents should note to keep encouraging your baby to walk in the first steps phase.

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