‘The Bachelor’ Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Have you been thinking about "The Bachelor" contestants: Where are they now? Was this the season that you told yourself you would kick your guilty secret to the curb and not get sucked into "The Bachelor" black hole? They got you anyway, didn’t they? The promise of the inevitable train wreck pulls you into "The Bachelor" vortex. It’s not you. They’re very clever and sneaky; don’t feel guilty. As long as you’re in this deep, you might as well take it one step further. Here are the top five favorite "The Bachelor" contestants, and a look to where are they now? 

  1. Jake Pavelka: You had to know that this Bachelor would be Numero Uno. He had us at hello. We could no more resist that sheepish grin than he could resist being a fame junkie. Since picking daddy’s princess, Vienna Girardi, on unlucky season 13, Jake cheesed his way through “Dancing with the Stars” and “Drop Dead Diva,” where he plays a guy on a reality show looking for his true love. It is reported that he dropped his own lady love, Vienna, from the “Diva” set. Apparently, he is channeling Bill Murray and doing his own “Groundhog Day.” Meanwhile, Vienna announced that she would soon be baring all in "Playboy," however, a spokesperson for the popular men's mag said they had never offered her an invite. Twitter reports that the two twits have not twitted since the breakup.

  3. Bob Guiney: This popular Bachelor contestant ranks number two because of his perseverance. Not one to give up, he was rejected on the first season of "The Bachelorette," then went on to be "The Bachelor" in season four, only to break his final choice’s heart, Estella Gardinier in 2003. Today, he is the host of the cable show, “Date My House,” as well as fronting the “Band From TV.” He is currently married to “All My Children’s,” Rebecca Budig. "The Bachelor’s" token “joker” does love his roses.

  5. Andrew Firestone: Season 3 of "The Bachelor" brought us someone who was down on his luck financially. After all, he was only the heir to the biggest tire company in the world. Bless his heart. He had great looks and big bucks but no lady love. His anointed one was Jen Schefft, but he soon sent her cruising to become Bachelorette number three, eventually marrying the model Ivana Bozilovic . He reported that he didn’t want to mess up his credibility by pursuing the “Hollywood thing.” It would appear that he almost escaped evil Hollywood, but they were sneaky enough to rope him into doing VH1’s popular show, “Charm School.” Hey, life’s tough for some folks. He continues to run his family’s tire company, as well as their wineries.

  7. Jesse Palmer: This delicious darling was a season five Bachelor contestant. The NFL quarterback was perhaps best known for fumbling a contestant’s name during the rose ceremony. Today, he is back on the football circuit as an ESPN College Analyst. His chosen one was Jessica Bowlin, but they hit the skids in 2004. It is unclear what his current relationship status is, as he never does interviews. What is clear, though, is that he was one of the seemingly most sincere of "The Bachelor" contestants to this day.   

  9. Brad Womack: Season eleven on "The Bachelor" brought us a real man’s man. This Austin, Texas hunk was undoubtedly the most detested man of all of "The Bachelor" contestants. There was a huge brou-ha-ha after he rejected the top two rose carrying contestants Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas. He was reported to have had DeAnna’s father flown in for the final show, knowing that he would not be picking either of the ladies. Supposedly, he told the producers two weeks before the show’s finale that he would not be choosing anyone, but was pressured into ring shopping anyway. After Ellen DeGeneres publicly called him a “jerk” on her talk show, she did eventually allow him to go on air with her to deny that this never happened. After returning from "The Bachelor," he currently owns five bars, and is living large in big "A" town.
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