Bachelor Pad Essentials

You've got a pretty cool apartment, and you need to know what are the bachelor pad essentials. Nevermind your not-so-hip roommates—it's your crib! Okay, maybe you are imagining disco balls that drop from the ceiling and circular beds that start twirling at the flick of a switch, not to mention Barry White's sensual voice wafting over the speakers, but let's get real: what's necessary for an awesome bachelor pad?

  1. A well stocked fridge. You never know when you'll be bringing your 'lady friend' by your bachelor pad, and it would be nice to offer her something more than an old can of Bud Light. Stock some decent wines and maybe some crackers and cheese. Bonus points for fresh fruits like grapes or strawberries.
  2. Plenty of toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, detergents … at the expense of sounding like your mother, we'll stop there. But owning the cleaning supplies is only half the battle: you actually have to use them. Keep your toilet clean and your trash can empty, and your bachelor pad will shine. And pick up those dirty clothes!
  3. One stylish, grown up piece of furniture. Whether it's your grandfather's antique desk or that Eames chair you scored from an unsuspecting antique dealer, be sure to have at least one adult piece of furniture in your bachelor pad that says "I've arrived" or at least "I'm on my way, someday."
  4. A decent collection of books and DVDs that belies the fact that you spend all your free time at bars trying to pick up women. Reach back to high school. Surely you read some classics at some point or another. Does "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde ring a bell?
  5. Mood lighting. No, we're not talking about that harsh, glaring overhead light. Invest in some lamps or at least a few candles you can strategically place around your bachelor pad. She'll be impressed that you're in touch with your feminine side, and you may just get to see a whole new side of her you weren't expecting…
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