Back And Neck Exercises For Men

These back and neck exercises have many benefits for men. These benefits include strength, flexibility, injury prevention and a greater ability to relax and let go of stress. Back and neck exercises loosen the muscles in the neck and back so that injuries and chronic back pain become less likely. Men often use back and neck exercises as an alternative to surgery to reduce existing back pain.

Not all back and neck exercises are suitable for any given condition, and some can make symptoms worse. It is best to speak with your doctor before developing an exercise routine if you have preexisting back conditions. Keep this in mind while performing the following back and neck exercises for men. 

  1. Neck exercise. Lazy folks will find this exercise desirable because you can do it in bed. Lie in bed with your hands clasped firmly behind your head. Lift your head up. Bring your head back down while firmly resisting this downward movement with your clasped hands. Do this whole exercise five times if you are a beginner. You can add one or two more cycles each week to your routine until you plateau at about 25 rounds. This neck exercise will increase your neck circumference, boost flexibility and generally strengthen your neck muscles. 
  2. Chair exercise for the lower back. Sit in a chair with feet flat on the floor. Place your left ankle on your right knee. Bend forward so that your head is as close as possible to your knee. Hold this position for one minute without holding your breath. Breathe thoroughly through the nose and really feel the stretch. Come back to normal sitting position. Switch legs so that your right ankle is on your left knee. Repeat the entire process. Seniors especially love this back exercise because it is easy to perform. 
  3. Head rolls. Let your head drop forward. Make the biggest counterclockwise circle that you can with your head. Make sure you feel the stretch. Make ten complete circles, then repeat the whole process with clockwise circles. Head rolls are neck exercises that loosen your upper back and neck. 
  4. Superman back exercise. Lie face down with your arms extended beyond your head just like Superman. Inhale and lift your upper body and arms off the floor. At the same time, life your legs off the floor. Hold for five seconds. Return to lying position. Do this back exercise fifteen to twenty times per set and up to three times per day.
  5. Hip bridge. Lie on your back with the feet flat on the floor and your knees raised. Rest your arms comfortably at your sides. Squeeze your butt cheeks together while lifting your butt off the floor. Lift the butt until your legs and torso form a straight line from your head to your knees. Hold this position for five seconds, then slowly lower your butt back to the floor. You may have to start off small and slowly work your way up to ten to twelve repetitions. This easy back exercise for men counteracts the stress of sitting in chairs for a long time. 

There are many back and neck exercises for men that are intended for a variety of purposes. If you're looking for an all purpose workout, then these exercises are a good start.

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