Back Exercise Equipment

Back exercise equipment helps you keep your back in shape It will help you to avoid both the aches and pains of old age, or simply straining your back doing every day things that you don't think about until you feel a sharp  pain. Most people who go to the gym make an effort to do the leg workout machines, and use machines to exercise their arms and upper body, but when time is tight, the same people skip the back exercise equipment. Your back works hard each day doing ordinary things, including helping to move the body from the seated position and holding the torso erect during the day. The back needs to have regular exercise using the basic back exercise equipment. 

  1. Pull Down Machine. This piece of back exercise equipment is a machine that uses adjustable weights so even a gym newbie can do a workout. The more experienced gym goer can crank up the eights to make the resistance stronger and the workout more demanding. 
  2. Lat Pull Down Machine. "Lat" is gym slang for the latissimus dorsi muscle that connects the upper arms to the vertebral column in the back. The lat pull down machine allows the gym goer a chance to build the muscle by changing the amount of weights used when the arm bar is pulled. 
  3. Seated Rowing Machine. The seated rowing machine works out the legs, as well as the back. As the body bends over the machine with the hands on the rowing handles, the back muscles are extended and stretched. 
  4. Rear Delt Fly Machine. "Delts," or deltoid muscles, are the muscles that run along the shoulders. The delt fly machine extends the arms out to the side and provides weights for resistance. As the arms are returned to the front, the muscles are stretched on this great back machine. 
  5. Back Machine. The most basic machines for back exercise use the generic term "back" in the title for the machine. These machines combine weights and the movement described in the other machines listed here. The basic back machine typically includes a hyperextension device, combined with some sort of seated movement that requires the exerciser to move their body to the side or front. 
  6. Back Hyperextension Machine. Hyperextension is not something you normally want to do with your muscles, but since the back has a limited range of movement, the hyperextension term is acceptable with this machine. This device allows the user to hang down, held by the feet and knees, and to extend up with the arms folded behind the head. The back is hyperextended over the hips to stretch the muscles. 
  7. Roman Chair. This old-school back exercise equipment provides a tough workout. The body must hold the arms to each side and support the lower body. Doing a variety of stretches and extensions helps build the muscles in the back. Nothing fancy with this machine, but the results can be felt after only one workout session. 
  8. Slant Board. The back slant board doesn't look exciting, but it's a great piece of back exercise equipment. It is affordable and can be used in the home every day, without all the hassle of getting out and going to the gym. The slant board offers the option of lifting the board to create a tougher work out. Even the most basic board can allow an intense back workout, simply by raising the height of the board. 
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